Friday, November 11, 2016

Podcasts Part II, Podcasts and Audio

In this blog, I'll be looking at how interviews are conducted in a podcasts by answering a few questions. I chose this particular podcast because it is well regarded and the interviewer is a seasoned journalist. Another reason I chose this podcast is that it is produced locally.  
What is the program called?
KJZZ’s Here & Now, Nov. 9, 2016 
Who is the interviewer (full name)?
Steve Goldstein
Who is the interviewee?
Chris Herstam
What did the interviewer know about the subject before the interview?
The questions were political in nature and centered on the recent election. Steve Goldstein seemed very knowledgeable about the issues.
What kinds of questions did they ask?
Did Arizona play an important part in the election as a swing state? Because Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump were lumped together, was it surprising that Arpaio lost and Trump won? Why did John McCain win even though he has lost popularity over the last few years?
How did they build up to questions?
The questions started on a national level and then proceeded to state and local concerns.
How did they follow up questions?
Many questions were followed up with questions asking for more details and explanations.
Did the interviewer appear to have a strategy?
Steve Goldstein did allude to other topics that would be covered later in the podcast with the continuation of the interview with Herstam.
How were any inadequate or evasive answers handled?
There did not seem to be any inadequately or evasively answered questions.
What was the apparent relationship between the interviewer and interviewee? Did they seem like friends, or adversaries?
It seemed apparent that they had interviews before and were comfortable discussing the subject. They certainly seemed friendlier than if they had been strangers to one another.
What did you learn about interviewing from this interview?
It seemed that Goldstein’s familiarity with the subject was a strong point. He also seemed to have follow up questions ready that would lead Herstam into more detailed answers.


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