Sunday, December 11, 2016

Video Blog - Tuition at Glendale Community College

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Anchor: Wayne Young
SLUGLINE: Tuition Costs at GCC
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INTRO: Hello. I am Wayne Young and this is Reflections on Online Media. The date is December 9, 2016. A pleasant winter day in Phoenix, Arizona.

WY: Today I’ll I would like to talk about the rising cost of college tuition; especially here at Glendale Community College. One of the most important issues for students at GCC is the cost of tuition. For the 2016 - 17 school year, the cost of tuition was increased 2 dollars per credit hour. While this seems to be a small amount, it adds up to a 2 (point) 4 percent increase for full-time students with 30 credit hours of classes per year. In addition to the tuition increase, there have also been increases in many of the course fees paid by the students.   

WY: Research into this issue has revealed one of the reasons for this increase. Funds to operate GCC come from a combination of tax revenues, class tuition and course fees, and state aid. The budget of the Maricopa County Community College District, which GCC is a part of, was reduced by 68 million dollars with the removal of this state funding. This, combined with reduced enrollment, has led to increased tuition cost. Fortunately for GCC students, the increase is the smallest in several years.

WY: To find out what GCC students thought, I spoke with Shannon Crosby and Dawn Creighton. They both agreed that while the increased tuition costs were of concern, the overall costs of attending GCC was reasonable, especially when compared to a state university.

WY: After speaking to Shannon and Dawn, I did additional research and found out that tuition and fees make up a relatively small part of the overall budget; only 18 percent overall. It appears that the students of Glendale Community College are receiving a great value for the tuition they pay.

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